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Operating Instructions

The BioDryer is a forced-air dryer designed to rapidly dry tissues, slurries, and solutions at 35-70o C.

Temperature Control

The numbers on the temperature selection dial are approximate. To accurately monitor temperature the user should place the end of the probe of the digital thermometer through the hole in the top of the dryer. Once the desired temperature is established via the dial, the temperature will remain constant (+/- 2 deg) within the drying chamber throughout the drying process.

BioDryer Volume

The net volume of the BioDryer can be adjusted by using more or less wall rings. For best temperature control and rapid drying, reduce the volume of the BioDryer to a minimum compatible with the vessel(s) placed inside the dryer. Do not impede the flow of warm air by crowding and NEVER obscure the vent hole located on the top lid of the BioDryer.

General Drying Guidelines

Faster drying is achieved by 1) using higher temperatures, 2) creating a larger surface area by spreading the sample or breaking it into smaller pieces and 3) using shallow trays which do not impede hot air flow - such as Petri plates, drying dishes or slides.