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The µ-MiniBeadbeater is an entry-level, small sample cell disruptor and grinder. Disruption performance is fully comparable to our other MBB models. For applications requiring a selection of shaking speeds, see the MiniBeadbeater-1 and MiniBeaadbeater-24. For processing more than one sample at a time, see MBB-16, MBB-24 and MBB-96.

Cat. No. TP308, 115 volt
Cat. No. TP308EUR, 230 volt

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Product Description

Up to 300 mg of cells or tissue are sealed inside a special screw-cap microvial (see below) containing up to 1.5 ml of extraction solution and hundreds of tiny glass or ceramic beads. The vial contents are violently agitated on the µ-MiniBeadbeater. Spores, resistant yeast, and fresh or frozen fibrous tissues from plants or animals can be completely homogenized in 1-3 minutes of operation.

This non-foaming, non-aerosol method is the method of choice for isolating enzymes, nucleic acids and organelles from small samples. It is commonly used with PAGE, PCR applications and diagnosis using antibody or oligonucleotide probes. High yields of intact DNA or RNA are obtained by simultaneous disruption and extraction in phenol, guanidinium-SCN solution, or a commercial kit reagent. Sterile techniques are easily accommodated to recover viable intracellular virus and bacteria from plant and animal cells.  Because the beads and vials are disposable, there is absolutely zero cross-contamination between samples - an essential feature for PCR techniques.

The µ-MiniBeadbeater can be used to dry grind small samples (<0.5 g) inside a sealed microvial.  Powdered material down to Nanoparticle-size can be produced.  In a typical protocol, steel beads are added to a sample of hair, bone, teeth, seeds, friable chemicals or minerals,  The sample is completely powdered in 10-60 seconds.  Softer, flexible materials such as biological tissue, rubber or plastics can also be powdered by first hard freezing the sample in liqN2 before grinding (Cryogrinding).

Example applications: See Selected Applications Using the Mini-Beadbeater


  • Rapid and highly efficient
  • Totally sealed sample - no dangerous aerosols
  • Simple to use
  • Disposable vials and beads - no sample cross-contamination
  • Very high energy shaking - far superior to lab vortexers. Uses proven, near horizontal shaking in a compressed figure-8 pattern.
  • Versatile - use for up to 300 mg (wet weight) of bacteria, yeast, algae, tissue culture cells or plant and animal tissue


  • Touch pad control of homogenization time (1 and 3 min preset, variable 0.1 to 5 min)
  • Digital countdown display and auto time reset
  • Oscillations/minute: 4400
  • Vial capacity: special 1.5 ml microvial with screw-cap (see below).  Working volume of extract 0.1 - 1.0 ml
  • Cell or tissue capacity up to 300 mg (wet weight)
  • Protective cover with safety interlock

Other Information

The μ-MiniBeadbeater uses beads and special screw-cap vials. Please order separately (see Browse Box in upper left margin of this page to link to "Beads" and "Vials").  If you need advice on what beads to use for your particular sample contact us directly at

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