Vial Rack, Solid Alumimum, for 2 ml Microvials

When sample temperature is a concern, this solid aluminum vial rack for 2ml vials offers superior temperature control during beadbeating than flowing air chilled by dry-ice or refrigeration - air has much poorer heat conductivity than aluminum metal.  The block can be pre-cooled in a deep freezer or, at cryo-temperatures, with dry-ice or liquid nitrogen.  Compatible with our MiniBeadbeater-96.

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An important accessory for the MiniBeadbeater-96 when temperature control is a concern**.  Typically, a vial filled with beads, sample and extraction media warms up ~10 degrees per minute of beadbeating.  Our 2 ml vial holder (capacity 48 vials) is machined out of high-heat-conductivity aluminum.  Before use in the Mini-BeadBeater-96, the vial holder is pre-cooled to low temperatures inside a refrigerator, a  -80º C freezer, or with liquid nitrogen.  During the beadbeating process the cold vial holder keeps the sample temperature at a desired low temperature.  By comparison, the cooling efficiency of a well chilled, close-fitting, solid aluminum vial holder is far superior to air in a cold-room or cold air derived from an air-cooling attachment offered from some bead mill cell disruptor manufacturers.

In a related application, 'dry' bead-grinding of fresh tissue by the cryopulverization technique is possible.  The sample, beads, vials, and vial holder are all pre-chilled to liquid nitrogen temperatures before being processed in a Mini-BeadBeater-96.


** Helpful Note: Nucleic acid extraction of microorganisms or tissues in the presence of nucleic acid extraction media generally does not require temperature control.