XXTuff Reinforced Microvials - 2 ml

Cat. No. 330TX, XXTuff™ non-sterile, reinforced 2 ml vials and caps, 500 count

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This specially reinforced vial is manufactured exclusively for BioSpec Products.  The XXTuff microvial has the same dimensions as a standard 2 ml microcentrifuge vial with a screw cap and o-ring seal.  However, it is molded from special polypropylene resin and has been reinforced in critical areas. 

Unlike standard microvials, the XXTuff vial is able to withstand the rigors of dry grinding using steel beads*.  Tests show that the XXTuff vial is over 10 times more durable than standard microvial.

This vial and cap can be autoclaved.

    *When doing CryoGrinding, a variant of dry-grinding done at liq N2 temperatures, we recommend using our stainless steel microvials.  All plastic microvials become too brittle to withstand beadbeating with steel beads at extremely low temperatures.

Protocol for dry grinding small frozen samples at liquid nitrogen temperature (i.e., cryo-grinding): Three 3.2 mm dia. or two 6.25 mm dia. chrome-steel beads are added to either a 2 ml stainless steel vial or an 'XXTuff' 2 ml polypropylene vial. The vial and beads are brought to liq N2 temperature...without entrapping any liq N2 inside the vial. Then add hard frozen cartilage, skin or other tough tissue (pre-chopping the sample is not be necessary), quickly seal the vial and grind for 10-15 seconds in a MiniBeadbeater. The sample will be powdered. Then promptly add liquid media of your choice to the still frozen, powdered sample in the original vial and beadbeat for 0.5-3 minutes. The optimal beadbeating time will vary with sample type and is empirically determined with a time study of 0.5, 1, 2, and 3 minutes of beadbeating.