BioRotator Attachments

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Cat. No. 792MC, Microcentrifuge tube holder. Holds up to seven 1.5 or 2.0 ml tubes.

Cat. No. 792E, Roller tube for blotting (specify size: 8 x 9 cm,  10 x 20 cm, or 12 x 34 cm)

Cat. No. 792T, Round, styrene rocker tray, 26 cm diameter

Cat. No. 792R, Test-tube or vial holder (specify tube size: 13,  16, or 30 mm diameter)

Cat. No. 792H, Microtiter plate and microcentrifuge tube holder. Holds 1-2 plates or 20 tubes.

Note: One free attachment is included with an order for the BioRotator-6.  You will not be charged for that first attachment.


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