DuelingSyringes™ Tissue Disperser

A low cost, disposable, tissue disperser for up to 100 mg samples of soft tissue (e.g., liver, brain and muscle).  The Dueling Syringes™ tissue disperser is a significant improvement over the classic "syringe-needle-syringe" method of tissue dispersion.  The needle is replaced with an embedded 500 micron stainless steel screen inside a 1 ml polycarbonate syringe.  Manual passage of the sample back and forth through the screen is fast, gentle and efficient.  Sold as a pack of five pairs of syringes.

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The DuelingSyringes™ tissue disperser is a low shear method used to recover intact, viable cells or as an initial step in the isolation of high quality intracellular organelles in a native condition.  The disperser consists of a pair of 1 ml syringes connected together via their Luer connections.  One of the syringes has an embedded 500 micron stainless steel screen.  Tissue is loaded into the syringe and forced back and forth through the screen by alternate manual pushing of the syringe plungers.  Compared to the classic syringe-needle-syringe method of tissue dispersion, the DuelingSyringes method is faster and more gentle in the processing of small samples of soft tissue.  Less pushing effort is required and the number of multiple passes from one syringe to the other is decreased.  Glass and metal syringes used in the classic method are replaced with low cost, disposable syringes...thus, cross contamination and clean-up concerns are eliminated.

For details on the operation of the DuelingSyringes™ tissue disperser see Operating Instructions.


  • Features :

    • Gentle, low shear, dispersion of soft animal tissue.  Cannot be used with skin, cartilage, or other tough, fibrous tissues.
    • Low cost, manuel method.
    • Conveniently disposable.
    • Improved through-put.
    • Ideal for small sample sizes (<100 mg wet weight).


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