Electric Meat Grinder

This classic tool has two applications in the molecular biology area:

1) Preparing large amounts of tissue (100g - >1 kg) for subsequent fast and complete cell lysis using a BeadBeater, ultrasonicator, rotor-stator homogenizer, or high shear press.

2) recovering large quantities of viable single cells following incubation of the dispersed tissue in proteolytic enzymes that break down the extracellular matrix.

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The meat grinder reduces fresh muscle and animal organ tissue to pieces about 1 mm in cross-section. The cutting action of the slowly rotating blades is much like the action of a pair of scissors.  During this relatively gentle tissue dispersion process a high proportion of tissue cells remain intact and viable.

  • Specifications :

    • Powered by a 250 watt electric motor, 120 VAC
    • Three grinding  plates for fine, medium and coarse grind
    • All metal head and feed tray
    • Grinds up to a kg per minute of cut meat


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