Jiffy Mixer

The Jiffy Mixer is specially designed to stir viscous solutions.

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The small mixing shaft and head of the Jiffy Mixer are specially designed to stir viscous solutions (like food toppings, lotions, cell paste, epoxy resins, paint - anything that is "flowable").  It thoroughly disperses and/or dissolves multi-part mixtures or suspensions of powders.  Where ordinary propeller-type mixers fail due to vortexing, foaming, or inadequate mix action, the Jiffy Mixer cuts mixing times of viscous materials by up to 90%.  The unique design eliminates splashing and entrapment of air.

  • Specifications :

    • Type 304 stainless steel
    • Max speed 1200 rpm. Best performance at 450-750 rpm
    • Fits 1/4' chucked power tools
    • 1 1/4' diameter 1 3/8' tall mixing head
    • 10 1/4' long 1/4' diameter shaft
    • Working solution volumes from 70 mL to 3 L


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