MiniBlender Chambers

Cat. No. 293350, Closed MiniBlender Chamber, 100-350 ml
Cat. No. 293030, Closed MiniBlender Chamber, 10-30 ml
Cat. No. 293080, Closed MiniBlender Chamber, 20-80 ml

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Small volume polypropylene blender chambers with stainless steel blades.  Suitable for blending or homogenizing smaller sample volumes.  The closed chambers feature minimizes release of contents to the environment during blending and, conversely, minimizes out side contamination of the homogenate.

The two smallest chambers (10-30 ml and 20-80 ml) come with a outer polycarbonate jar that facilitates joining the Miniblender chamber to the Hamilton Beach blender motor and, if desired, can also serve as an ice-water jacket during blending to help keep the homogenate cold.

Because of the low energy demands required to drive these smaller blender chambers, a low-cost kitchen blender purchased from Walmart or like demestic supplier can be substituted for the more costly comercial grade blenders featured on our web site. However, make sure it is a Hamilton Beach brand blender.


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