Seed Flour Mill

The electric flour mill is a high speed impact-type mill.  Up to 2 liters of dry, non-oily seeds are quickly reduced to a fine flour-like powder.  Subsequent solvent extraction of the high-surface area powder gently releases enzymes, proteins and other intracellular biochemicals. Examples of suitable seeds and grains are wheat, rye, rice, millet, corn, barley, dried beans and peas.  Importantly, moisture content and oil content of the seeds should not exceed 15%. Examples of unsuitable seeds are sunflower, nuts, sesame, coffee, and peanuts.

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The heart of the mill is a patented, Micronetic™ milling chamber consisting of a stainless steel rotor and stator.  The rotor, turning at a speed of 28,000 rpm draws in dry seeds and impacts them against the stator, thus shattering the seed kernel.  The product exits the machine as a fine four, ready for down-stream extraction of proteins or other soluble biochemicals.  Grinding is fast and there is little heating of the sample during the grinding process.

  • Specifications :

    • 28,000 r.p.m. rotor-stator impact mill
    • Stainless steel milling chamber
    • Three fineness settings
    • Processes 1/2 liter (2 cups) to 3 liters of seeds per continous feed run
    • 1.8 peek HP, 120 volt AC
    • Permanently lubricated
  • Other Info :

    Cleaning:  Run mill empty for 5 seconds.  To perge trace material left over from a previous run, pass a cup of white rice grains through the machine.


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