The SoniBeast-Jr is a hand-held, cordless, variable-speed version of our high-energy MiniBeadbeater/Sonibeast series of bead-mill cell disruptors.  While the SONIBEAST-jr is targeted for processing samples in the field or locations remote from the laboratory, it is also an affordable choice for processing a limited number of samples (<20/day) in the laboratory.  Manually operated with a slide switch on the body of the SoniBeast jr's motor housing, the vial tray holds two 2 ml screw-top polypropylene microvials or one 7 ml screw-top polypropylene vial.

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The SoniBeast-jr comes with a spare Lithium-ion battery (two total) and a smart charging station powered by 120 VAC electrical input.  Beads and vials, which will vary with the application, should be ordered separately.  Technical and ordering information can be found at Lysis Beads and Vials or by contacting us at Ph.918-336-3363 or

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    The SoniBeast-Jr is a cordless, handheld version of our MiniBeadbeater/Sonibeast series of bead-mill cell disrupters.

    • Processes one or two 2 ml screw cap microvials or one 7 ml screw cap tube.
    • Manually operated by an on/off slide switch on the body of the SoniBeast-Jr's motor housing.
    • Variable speed control
    • 10,000 to 18,000 oscillations per minute
    • Cell disruption times are typically 2 minutes.
    • Powered with a 1.3 amp/hour lithium-ion battery
    • Includes charging station powered by 110-120VAC wall socket
    • Weight: 2.1 pounds


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