LabTie™ "Gravity" Bead Loader

BioSpec is your source for LabTie™ Bead Loaders.  The highly versatile dispenser, custom fit to your application, can quickly and accurately dispense beads, powders, seeds and irregular small particles into a variety of industry standard plates, tubes, vials, or trays.  This gravity-type loader can dispense a wide variety of sizes, shapes, densities, amounts, and volumes.

A variety of LabTie dispensers are offered below and custom dispensers are available to fit your specific needs. Please see below for catalog number descriptions.

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With typical bead dispensing applications beads are poured from a bottle or tweezers or spoons are used to fill vials and wells with beads.  These processes are inefficient and very time-consuming.  LabTie has created an innovative tool that completely solves the tedious problem of dispensing your own beads.



Each dispenser is designed, produced, and tested by LabTie.  These dispensers are used all over the world in research laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical and biochemical laboratories, and institutes.  With its modular design, the mesh plates can be interchanged allowing the dispenser to be used to dispense multiple types and amounts of beads.  The dispensers work equally well dispensing various volumes of small diameter beads or dispensing just a couple larger diameter beads.  They can be used in conjunction with our tough Porvair microplates to load a small number of steel beads; perfect for high-throughput homogenizing of tough sample materials.  For those working with vials, the dispensers can be used with our 2.0 ml vial blocks allowing one to fill 45 microvials at a time.  Custom dispensers designed to your specifications are also available as well as dispensers designed to depositing various types of seeds.



The biggest value the LabTie Bead Dispenser offers is the huge time saving over other loading methods, up to 60 times or greater.  By reducing costs and errors, researchers can focus on what really matters.

Compatibility96-well, deepwell, microtiter plates
45-place, 2 ml vial block (included with kit)
Powder Volume1 µL - 1000 µL per well
Bead Size0.2 mm to 9.0 mm diameter
Bead Quantity1 or multiple beads per well/vial
SterilizationYes - 70% EtOH (Not Autoclavable!)
Product MaterialABS+PC, Nylon, RVS304, Alumide and 70/75 hard -anodized aluminum alloy
ExpandableYes - Main KIT can also be used to dispense beads and seeds


  • Specifications :

    Please contact us if you do not find a dispenser that meets your requirements. Many custom options are available.

    Dispensers for Vials

    Catalog Number Description & Fill Volume

    • LT-45-1-50 - 45-Vial Bead Dispenser, 50 uL*
    • LT-45-1-100 - 45-Vial Bead Dispenser, 100 uL*
    • LT-45-1-250 - 45-Vial Bead Dispenser, 250 uL*

    Dispensers for 96-well Microplate

    Catalog Number Description & Fill Volume

    • LT-96-1-50 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 50 uL*
    • LT-96-1-100 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 100 uL*
    • LT-96-1-150 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 150 uL*
    • LT-96-1-200 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 200 uL*
    • LT-96-1-250 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 250 uL*

    Catalog Number Description & Quantity-Diameter of Bead(s) Dispensed

    • LT-96-2-1-10 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 1-1.0 mm bead
    • LT-96-2-1-20 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 1-2.0 mm bead
    • LT-96-2-4-20 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 4-2.0 mm beads
    • LT-96-2-1-25 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 1-2.5 mm bead
    • LT-96-2-4-25 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 4-2.5 mm beads
    • LT-96-2-1-32 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 1-3.2 mm bead
    • LT-96-2-4-32 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 4-3.2 mm beads
    • LT-96-2-1-40 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 1-4.0 mm bead
    • LT-96-2-1-47 - 96-Well Bead Dispenser, 1-4.7 mm bead


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