Stainless Steel Tissue Grinder

All stainless steel Potter-Elvehjem style tubular mortar and pestle.  Superb temperature control during use, shatter-free, easy to clean.

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Tissue grinders are designed to gently homogenize fresh, soft tissue in an excess of appropriate aqueous solvent. Most tissue grinders are made of glass or plastic. This all stainless-steel mortar and pestle (Potter-Elvehjem style) tissue grinder provides superior temperature control and greater plunger forces without the danger of shattering glass. Less effort is required to achieve complete homogenization because of the precise 0.1 mm clearance between the smooth walls of the pestle and tube. The Tissue Grinder has a working volume of 5-15ml and comes with a removable, broad base for convenient upright standing during use and easy cleaning afterwards. 21 cm X 5 cm, 0.5 Kg. Type 316 stainless-steel construction.  If motor-driven rotation is desired during use, the top knob can be screwed off.

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    Protocol for dry grinding small frozen samples at liquid nitrogen temperature (i.e., cryo-grinding): Three 3.2 mm dia. or two 6.25 mm dia. chrome-steel beads are added to either a 2 ml stainless steel vial or an 'XXTuff' 2 ml polypropylene vial. The vial and beads are brought to liq N2 temperature...without entrapping any liq N2 inside the vial. Then add hard frozen cartilage, skin or other tough tissue (pre-chopping the sample is not be necessary), quickly seal the vial and grind for 10-15 seconds in a MiniBeadbeater. The sample will be powdered. Then promptly add liquid media of your choice to the still frozen, powdered sample in the original vial and beadbeat for 0.5-3 minutes. The optimal beadbeating time will vary with sample type and is empirically determined with a time study of 0.5, 1, 2, and 3 minutes of beadbeating.


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