Stainless Steel Tissue Grinder

A stainless steel Potter-Elvehjem style tubular mortar and pestle.  Features include superb temperature control, shatter-free, and easy to clean.

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Tissue grinders are designed to gently homogenize fresh, soft tissue in an excess of the appropriate aqueous solvent.  Most tissue grinders are made of glass or plastic.  This stainless-steel mortar and pestle (Potter-Elvehjem style) tissue grinder provides superior temperature control and the use of greater plunger forces without the danger of shattering.  Less effort is required to achieve complete homogenization because of the precise 0.1 mm clearance between the smooth walls of the pestle and tube.  The Tissue Grinder has a working volume of 5-15ml and comes with a removable, broad base for standing upright during use and easy cleaning afterward.  If motor-driven rotation of the pestle is desired, the top knob of the pestle can be unscrewed.

  • 21 cm X 5 cm, 0.5 Kg
  • Type 316 stainless-steel construction


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